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Anatomy and physiology of the human body is very closely related to the medical sciences, which tend to be taught together. Simply stated, in fact anatomy study the physical structure of the human body, on the other hand physiology explanation deals with individual organs functions with systems in humans. In most embodiments of the anatomy physiology clarifies the structure of the description of the human body function.

Knowledge of human anatomy is important to review the physiology. It is also the understanding of physiology is important for those who prefer to learn how to perform the anatomical structures. Thus, to see that the two branches of science interconnected close together and both must know and understand each other.

Both anatomy and physiology produced a long period of time. Mankind generally retains curiosity about how they and various other being structured and how they function. Many people throughout history as a serious review and contrast distinctive creatures to look for parallels and recognize discrepancies.

Anatomy study focuses on understanding the specification, and plan a specific location of various parts of the human body. It constantly stressed about dissection, such examples are carefully cut up to reveal the structures within. The physical aspects of the structure of the human body, usually recognized without the use of tools with the naked eye or to see an increase in the special tool, known as the microscope for more information. On dissection course of action, students can register all hard, and see how the accession systems in the human body. Imperfect understanding of the anatomy can lead to great confusion for medical students, as the understanding of anatomy is a necessary component of monitoring the progress of the ailment.

The structure and function of individual parts of the body tensely connected to each other, and in general, the study of one of these is incomplete without the other. For the reason that the content of the anatomy and physiology of the structure is subject to a function, it is clearly comparable to say that the anatomy and physiology are closely related to each other and one of them study alone without the other is incomplete. In-spite of the existence of a close connection should always maintain a boundary between them that both these areas are extremely broad and study both at the same time is a difficult process.

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