Beautiful American Badger Coloring Pages

Badgers is a short stocky animal and are omnivores (plant and animal eaters). They can be found in the UK, Ireland, North America and parts of Europe and Asia. Pet badger may seem sweet.

Badgers likes to live underground. Having really sharp claws will rip and dig almost everything, even a wire cage. So all these issues into consideration and the fact that, wherever you house your badger, it will do damage as it tries to dig.

Badgers clean their sleeping chamber and dragged the old hay, grass, fern and plastic bags by carrying it under the chin to prevent the accumulation of fleas and lice in areas for sleeping.

The male called the boar badger, female is called sow and young are called cubs. It is interesting to note that the Welsh name of badgers is “moch daear”, which translates as “earth pig.”

Badger Coloring Pages gallery

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