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For many years, barns have served as farm factories, places of business and warehouse for equipment, and supplies. Barns were the heart of farmers and vital center of community life. For many Americans today, barns represent tradition, hard work and independence. Therefore, these barns are strong, enduring attraction for most Americans.

Classic barns are usually made of wood with a tin roof. These barns formerly served the purpose of storage corn, grain, hay, vehicles and other gadgets, as well as animal shelters. Classic barns show the influence of different cultures, including English, German, Swedish, Ukrainian, Czech, Norwegian, Italian, Danish, Polish, Irish, and many other nationalities. Classic barns of the northern regions seem to differ significantly from those in the southern part of the region due to climate change and special needs.

Classic barns evolved from old barns with individual farmers using their own methods and ideas for long periods of time. These barns are classified depending on their ethnic origin, different construction systems and regional characteristics. Classic barns have Z-braced doors and traditional windows trims. Some of them have two or more floors and big cupolas.

Classic barns remind us nostalgic for simpler times and give the security and warmth of home harvest. They speak eloquently for farmers who built them, the type of crops and animals for which they were built, the land on which farmers came from and how successful they were and prosperous. Classic barns survive today mainly in the historical areas of mixed farming in the mountainous south. In today’s world of modern barns, classic holds a special place with its own unique style. Several architects, designers and builders selling plans and kits for classic barns.

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