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Buddhism is a teaching which has spread worldwide absorbing the culture of each country it arrived in, which has led to numerous manifestations of Buddhism. Each strand, no matter how diverse nature and practice, the overall emphasis on the transience of human life. The worldwide spread of Buddhism means that currently practices by more than three hundred million people around the world, and thus, as a rule, it is believed to be a world religion. However, its authenticity as a religion is often subjected to scrutiny by intellectuals in the Western world. To find out whether Buddhism can actually be regarded as a religion, we must recognize that there are major problems when searching for the definition of what religion is.

Or, determination proved too narrow excluding many belief systems that people believe are religious, or they will become too wide, meaning that any structure can be relied upon. In the application of different definitions of religion of Buddhism we are faced with some very contradictory answers; Some say that Buddhism is simply a philosophy or teaching, while others will argue that this is actually a religion in practice.

Like all major religions Buddhism contains a morality, rituals and behaviours, certain ethical values ​​and the origin of life, but because Buddhists do not believe in all knowing creator God some claim that Buddhism can not be a religion. The greatest diversity of definitions of religion shows that we can never get a solid answer to the description of what it is that religion does.

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