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Catholic religion, also known as Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity. This religion is known to have strong core beliefs and wealthy history. A large number of people follow the path of this religion, but they do face many challenges in the following different religious practices.

Catholics or followers of Catholicism do not worship statues. This is one of the most popular myths of the monotheistic religions. In fact, the Catholic Church made up of statues and a large number of Catholics worship statues. In earlier times, the followers of monotheistic religions that used to take the help of the statues, to teach their children about the Bible. The Bible used to be quite expensive in the old days, and thus, the statues were used as an alternative to teach children. To date, most of the churches consisted of statues and stained-glass windows.

Craftsmanship of the Gothic architecture revived the Christian window artwork. Artists originally used paint techniques on the glass. Eventually they realized that the old pot metal glass used in the Middle Ages was a superior medium.

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