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Celtic art – takes its origin from the Hallstatt culture growing from 800 BC to 400 BC areas north of the Alps. The basis of the wealth of the Celts was the ability to melt iron and salt extraction. The territorial scope of the impact of the Celtic culture has changed, along with the expansion of Celtic tribes and took over lands belonging to France, Spain, Great Britain and Ireland in the west to Greece, Rome, Gaul in the south and Silesia and Malopolska in the east. Flowering of Celtic art is for the period La Tene.

What is the origin of Celtic art?

Ancient peoples, today called “Celts”, which have a common origin of Indo-European languages, which were known as the pan-Celtic or Proto-Celtic. It is jointly shared origin of language has been widely accepted by scientists to distinguish peoples who shared common south-western European genetic origin, and who spread their culture through migration and invasions. Archaeologists have identified the different cultural characteristics of these peoples, including styles of art and culture have identified as coming from the early Hallstatt culture and La Tene.

More recent genetic studies have indicated, however, that not all groups Celtic have common ancestors, which suggests that the mobility of the population was not necessary for the dissemination and spread of culture. The degree to which the Gaelic language, culture and genetics converged and interacted with each other during the periods of prehistoric remains very uncertain and controversial.

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