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The dinosaurs(“lizard”) form an extremely diverse clade of diapsid vertebrates. They are oviparous archosaurs, having in common an erect posture and sharing a certain number of synapomorphies such as the presence of an elongated ridge elongated at the level of the humerus and an acetabulum perforating the pelvis. Present at the end of the Carnian period (first stage of the Upper Triassic), there are about 230 Ma, they disappear almost entirely during the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction there are 66 Ma.

The majority of the paleontologists admit that the birds emerged from Small theropod dinosaurs of the Middle Jurassic. Thus the survival of the birds to this extinction, their considerable diversification during the Cenozoic, makes it the only current living group of dinosaurs according to this hypothesis.

The classification of dinosaurs distinguishes two large clades according to the morphology of their basin: the Ornithischia and the Saurischia. The Ornithischia (or Orthithischian) only include herbivorous dinosaurs, which the paleontologists divide into three major groups, the Ornithopoda, which include mainly bipedal dinosaurs including the famous “duck beak” dinosaurs (or Hadrosauridae), the Marginocephalia which include dinosaurs (The Ceratopsia and the Pachycephalosauria), and finally the Thyreophora which includes quadruped dinosaurs surmounted by armor, spades and bone plates on the back and tail (the Ankylosauria And the Stegosauria).

The Saurischia (or Saurischians) are divided into two distinct clades, the Theropoda, which includes bipedal dinosaurs and the entire carnivorous and piscivorous dinosaurs, feathered dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs (mostly birds), and The Sauropodomorpha, animals generally quadrupeds and very tall with a long neck, a small head and a long tail.

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