Most Heaviest Animal on Earth: Elephant Coloring Pages

The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal on the planet, is a fascinating creature, but it remains an unfortunate target of the poaching underworld. Our various conservancies across Kenya are under constant supervision to keep poaching at a minimum level, however it seems to be a lack of understanding and education continues to attract the ignorant be folded to the greatest offence of wild animals. There are only two different types of elephants left in the world: the African elephant and the Asian elephant.

Family: Elephants are very social and live in family groups, which are matriarchal. Matriarch female leader and her flock followed everywhere.

Brain: Elephant’s brain is the largest of all land mammals, weighing more than 5 kg. It is similar in structure to the human brain. Like humans elephants must learn the importance of behavior as they grow.

Memories: Elephants have incredible memories. Matriarch and fellow senior females remember important information like the location of watering elephants, allowing to survive in the long dry periods in the plains.

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