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Fall leaves, which soon will fall in your area, if they have not started already. So let’s willing to deal with a lot of falling foliage. If you live in a green area, which is densely packed with arbors, you know what will happen.

Why did they fall in fall/autumn and winter?

The leaves of the plant are used to absorb as much sunlight during photosynthesis. The leaves also help the plants absorb more carbon dioxide. Thus, the leaves are a very important part of any plants, especially trees, because they help to feed the tree by converting sunlight into sugar glucose, all in the process of photosynthesis.

The days become shorter and less water. Leaves require significant amounts of water, and in winter more rain in the summer and spring months. The days are much shorter than the further north you live, so that the trees lose their ability to produce enough food. Thus, in order to save energy, the trees shed their leaves. It’s like a bear who hibernates. One interesting thing to look at is the first year freeze of the year in your area. If you live near the river you may notice a rise in water level. The first hard freeze will mainly go all the trees of their water. Such is the nature of communication with each other, to know the trees to hibernate.

Thus, the leaves are very necessary for tree in the spring and summer, but the tree can not cope with the additional responsibility of feeding the leaves too. Thus, the trees shed their leaves, as well as reduce their strain as well.

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