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Spring is coming fast, and with it the colors of the world come alive. Season spring is not the only time the gardens are blooming, but one season for the butterflies to come to life. Your garden is an ocean color and keep this ocean of color coming back in the spring, use of perennial bulbs, flowers, seeds and shrubs reduce the problem in the early spring. Butterflies that add that complete the “special relationship” to your gardens will eagerly houses in their gardens if you can provide what they are looking for.

In some areas, the butterfly will prevalent, even if you are planting flowers or plants that attract the most butterflies, but in rare cases. What makes most gardeners seek the addition of butterflies in the garden? Butterfly grace, beauty, color and tranquility butterflies that attracts many gardens to butterflies. The butterfly moves through the garden, landing and taking off without ever really disturbing any of the flower at all. This small creature is a pleasant addition to any area in the landscape.

The organic garden is the perfect place for butterflies to relax. Chemical substances which are used for pest control in the garden can affect and drive away butterflies from your garden. What you need to remember when using chemicals in the garden, if you kill the larvae, your butterfly population going to decease significantly. Butterfly re-appear only in your garden after hatching from the larvae are deposited in your garden.

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