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Before we go into many of the mysteries that planet Mars is surrounded by, let’s look at the ancient history of the red planet. In the beginning, the Romans considered Mars as a symbol of war and aggression. In an attempt to pacify this critical red planet of war (war with God), various ancient cultures offered it human sacrifices. In the modern scientific age, Mars is no longer a secret or mysterious planet for us. Mars is the second smallest in the solar system and because of its red appearance is sometimes called the “Red Planet.” Today we know about Mars; How it looks, how far it is from the Earth, the time it takes to rotate around its axis, as well as other textbooks facts.

It’s hard to believe that people still carry the impression that Mars is almost a twin of the Earth, but this assumption is, in fact, a lie. Mars has a diameter of about half of the Earth, with a length of only 6,800 kilometers in diameter. The total mass of this red planet is only about 10% of the total mass of the Earth, and the gravity on the surface is only 38% of what was an experience on Earth. In other words, a 100-pound person on Earth will weigh just 38 pounds on Mars.

This red planet is a sphere, as it rotates around its axis, and it protrudes at the equator. Another name for Mars can be “Rusty Planet” because of its stony and dusty surface. Oxidized iron powder, which covers the surface of Mars is similar to talc. The soil of Mars has nutrients such as sodium chloride and magnesium.

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