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A mobile phone, smartphone, or cellular phone is an electronic device offering a mobile telephony function.

The handheld mobile phone is the result of many technologies that already existed for the most part in the 1940s. Mobile invention is attributed to Dr. Martin Cooper, Director of Research and Development at Motorola who demonstrated it on the streets Of New York on 3 April 19738. The first commercial mobile phone designed by Motorola was launched on 6 March 1983 in the United States: the Motorola DynaTac 8000.

The first analog devices were AMPS or NMT. They were then replaced by devices using either the American numerical standards D-AMPS and CDMA or those of European origin GSM and EDGE, or more recently those extrapolated from the GSM (2G) by the international grouping 3GPP that are the UMTS (3G) and then LTE (4G).

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