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Pansy is a genetic hybrid plant grown by gardeners in a variety of possible colors like red, yellow, gold, purple, violet, orange, white and black. The title comes from the French word, which literally means ‘Thought’. Pansy also has other names, such as violets, Johnny-jump-up and heartsease. This hybrid flower planted in a flower garden in England at the end of 1830. The violets are huge, dirty stains on the surface of the flower. They are not easily identifiable by their color, but they are recognized by their large deep colors.

Scientific name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis
Higher classification: Viola tricolor
Rank: Subspecies

If you’re look at a pansy flower, you will see that it is always in round petal with other overlapping petals. There are two of the petals, the two side petals, and a fifth petal on the bottom which typically is slightly recessed. Pansies are biennials, but fortunately are cheerful colors.

They will grow best where they receive limited exposure to the sun and avoid direct reflection of heat. In addition, they can not tolerate extreme cold condition or even withstand short periods of frost. From the cultivation of violets it was regarded as a living symbol of culture and art. Shape round flower clearly bears resemblance to a humans face. This unique affinity represent thoughtfulness, free thinking and positive too.

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