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Delicious, crispy and crunchy peanuts are one of the most popular oilseed known to mankind for centuries. The kernels are rich in many nutrients known health benefits essential for optimal health and wellness.

In the United States, peanuts are rarely eaten raw. Instead, they are most often eaten roasted salted peanuts or peanut butter purposes.

Other products include peanut, peanut butter, peanut meal, and peanut protein. Peanut products are used in a variety of foods; desserts, cakes, pastries, snacks and sauces.

Studies have shown that peanuts can be helpful for weight loss and are associated with a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Peanuts History & Facts

Peanut is a small annual dicotyledonous herb grows to one foot above the ground. It is believed to have originated in the central part of North and South America, from where it spread to the rest of the world of Spanish researchers. Today it is one of the most widely cultivated oil-seed and established commercial crops in China, India, Africa and the United States.

Peanut plant takes about 120 to 150 days to get the crop after sowing the seeds. In the process of developing a peanut quite interesting! Its yellow flowers after pollination to become “ovaries” called stalks that extended quickly to turn down a few inches to bury deep underground, where the fruits of peanuts grow in pods that we know.

In order to collect the entire plant including the roots, the soil has been excavated. Each plant can bear fruit pods 10-150. Peppers rough, wrinkled outer skin with a tapered 2-3 in pods of beans. Each peanuts coated with a thin layer of brown, and they can be divided into two equal parts, as in all other legumes.

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