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The manta ray is a great kind of flat fish, closely related to other cartilaginous fish such as sharks. Manta ray is the largest species of ray in the world with some manta ray individuals which reach a width of up to 9 meters.

Scientific name: Manta
Mass: Giant oceanic manta ray: 1,600 kg (Source: Encyclopedia of Life)
Higher classification: Eagle ray
Rank: Genus

Manta ray is most commonly solitary animal found in warm tropical ocean waters, usually around coral reefs and the continental shelf, where food is abundant. However, because of its huge size, the ray also often saw hunting in the open ocean.

Manta ray is a solitary animal, as well as an elegant swimmer. Like other large fish species, stingrays swim, moving their pectoral fins up and down, which leads their huge body through the surrounding water. The short tail of the manta ray ramp also allows the manta to be more acrobatic with its movement, and they are even viewed as a water jump.

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