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For most of us, the character of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, immortalized in song and popular holiday Rudolph TV special has always been an important part of Christmas folklore, but Rudolph was actually in the middle of the twentieth century, the creation of the invention which can be traced back to a specific time and person.

However, glorified through this event reproduced above, but essentially correct in general terms, not as it turns out a key aspect of the process: The story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was not designed by a man who strives to bring to reassure his daughter, his mother dies of cancer and who later sold his creation of a department store chain. Instead, the character Rudolph the story develops for commercial purposes.

Rudolph came to life in 1939, when the Chicago-based Montgomery Ward asked one of its copywriters, 34-year-old Robert L. May to come up with a Christmas story that they can be distributed as a booklet for shoppers as a promotional gimmick – The Montgomery Ward stores had been buying and distribution of coloring books to customers at Christmas time every year, and the head of the establishment in May creating giveaway license from their own as a way to save money. Robert May, which had a tendency to write humorous stories and poems for children, was chosen to create the booklet.

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