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“Sorry” – is a simple five-letter magical word can work wonders. Although sometimes it is the hardest word to say, that can change so many things; the way people think about us, and even how much they care about us and how close they feel to us.

Even after knowing that it is the magic word can do, there are some moments when we do not want to say – “I’m sorry.” Somewhere our ego stops us from saying sorry. We feel that if we say it is a pity that we will lose our value.

This does not mean that you just have to say, sorry, every time something comes up to you and your partner. The really important thing to remember is that it takes two to make a relationship and two to break it. Therefore, no matter what the situation, there is no fault on both sides.

The problem is then to find out what part of the problem were you and what your responsibility is to make it and be willing to say sorry about what the other person is willing to take responsibility for their participation and/or willing to say sorry for it or not.

If you feel you should be saying sorry but you can’t, then there are some other problems that can stop you, you may need to be explored first.

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