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If you are considering buying a party tent or renting one for an upcoming event you should be familiar with the different types of tents that are available in the market, so that you can choose a tent that is best suited to your specific needs and budget. Please note that this short article does not apply to camping or pedestrian tents, but focuses exclusively on the classification of party tents, i.e. Temporary structures used in the production of outdoor wedding planning, private functions and corporate events.

Rope and Pole Tent

Rope and pole tents rely on one or more central poles and a series of peripheral poles that are covered with a tent. The poles are not driven into the ground, but it kept in an upright position only by tensionning the vinyl on top of them and tightening the fabric, providing the top of the ground with ratchets, ropes and stakes. Because of the extra poles supporting the traditional lines and tent poles, it usually tends to cover much larger areas than the standard tent frames.

Standard Poles Tent

The standard poles tent have a simpler look. They are usually more expensive and therefore ideal for wedding economics, church meetings, business practices, fairs, festivals, car lot sales amd school graduation events, etc. High peak tents have a smooth view with elegant tops and fine lines wide. The classic appearance makes them especially suitable for high-end weddings and corporate functions. Neither high peak tents or standard pole tents are suitable for a deck or patio. They should be installed on grass, asphalt or other suitable surface where bets or anchors can be driven into the ground.

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