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The Incredibles is an award winning film, which was produced by Pixar. The story is of the “super heroes” family that are sent into hiding by the Government to protect their real identities.

The Incredibles characters includes Mr. Incredible, also known as Robert, or “Bob” Parr, who is the head of The Incredibles family. He has an incredible strength and enhanced senses, allowing him to feel the danger from afar.

Mr. Incredible’s wife called Helen Parr, who is known as “Elastigirl”. She also has super powers and has the ability to stretch and reshape her body in different ways as part of the incredible powers. Nevertheless, she was happy trying to live a normal life, like everybody else.

The Incredibles also include Dash and Violet, who are the children of The Incredibles’. They also have some super powers, which become apparent as the story develops. The youngest, Jack-Jack has yet to prove any superpowers.

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