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Veterans’ day is officially observed on November 11, regardless of what day of the week it actually falls on. There are many ceremonies throughout the country every year. There are various parades to remember, brave men and women who fought so Americans can enjoy the freedoms we are so happy to have. While all the celebration may seem good for this special day, once a year, there is a very quiet, tragic reality lurking in the background.

There are many veterans doing remarkably well, but there are many of our veteran heroes who suffer in silent despair and loneliness. This is often because they were forgotten or pushed aside. Friends, and sometimes even their families abandoned them, because the experienced they endured changed them forever. They had a very difficult time fitting them back into your life in advance of the service.

Some of them have problems with regulation and psychological problems that can not be explained or fixed. Some of them were not able to adapt back to society and get on with their lives after all the things that they’ve saw and lived through during their time of service. Some of them never get any of the advantages and opportunities that they were promised when they first join the army or were drafted. There are many veterans who must fight to get proper health, nutrition and shelter. This should not be so. They must have access to proper treatment and care every day, and not just on Veterans Day, when the whole country is watching.

Veterans’ day is a great event, because it allows many of our heroes to feel appreciated, if only for this one day. Even homeless veterans can feel valued on this special day every year. It would be much better if they could still be given due attention and the necessary treatment for them throughout the year. This will give them more chances to work at a higher level and reintegrate into society, they gave their blood, sweat and tears for protection. Their service allows us to live peacefully in the most wonderful country in the world.

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